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Dental Clinic operation during COVID-19 epidemic

Dental Clinic operation during COVID-19 epidemic

We are pleased to announce that our office at Nowowiejskiego 6 D resumes patient admissions. However, the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic requires new rules and increased security measures to protect patients and staff from potential coronavirus infection.
Patients are admitted only after prior telephone registration.
We plan visits so as to avoid excessive number of patients in the waiting room, and to provide sufficient time for thorough disinfection of the rooms. In the first place, we arrange pain and urgent visits, and for patients who had started their treatment before the epidemic was announced. Together with you we will assess and advise which non-urgent treatment can be postponed.
We kindly ask you to come to the office wearing a mask and gloves. At the entrance you will be asked to disinfect your hands and the body temperature will be measured.
During the entire stay in the office, except from treatment on the dental chair, please wear a mask.
Our office at Chopina 25/28 remains closed but we also plan to open it in the nearest future.

Feel free to contact us and arrange visits by phone: 81 743 04 74

We wish you a lot of health,

New-Dent Team

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