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Periodontology is a field of dentistry that includes procedures aimed at preventing and treating periodontal and mucous membrane diseases. These diseases affect a large group of patients, even those who at first glance do not have problems with carious cavities. Comprehensive periodontic treatment in our patients is conducted by an experienced periodontology specialist, Dr Małgorzata Kiernicka.

Periodontal treatment most frequently involves the treatment of periodontitis. The most common cause of this disease is plaque formation and tartar. They cause gingivitis and damage to the tissues surrounding the teeth leading to bone loss. Teeth necks and roots surfaces become exposed and sensitive. Untreated inflammation can lead to increased tooth mobility and tooth loss. Appropriate prophylaxis and treatment are extremely important to prevent more serious stages of this disease.

Periodontology also deals with aesthetic microsurgery of gums surrounding teeth and implants. We have experience in covering gingival recessions (exposed roots), using advanced surgical techniques.
The New-Dent dental clinic in Lublin recommends periodontological procedures to patients who have observed:

  • bleeding gums
  • chronic and progressive periodontitis
  • tartar
  • tooth mobility
  • changes on the oral mucosa
  • exposed roots of the teeth

Periodontolal treatment in New-Dent Dental Center:

Our patients receive comprehensive periodontal care. Treatment consists of three phases. The first is hygienic phase, during which cleaning procedures, such as sandblasting or dental scaling are carried out. Patient is also presented with individual dental hygienic plan. The second phase is if necessary occlusion therapy, prosthetic treatment or periodontal microsurgery. The third phase involves maintenance and recall visits to prevent relapse of the disease. Proper oral hygiene, a healthy lifestyle and follow-up visits with a periodontist and regular prophylactic procedures with dental hygienist are advised.
Periodontal treatment includes:

  • Curettages
  • Sanblasting
  • ozone therapy
  • laser biostimulation
  • ultrasonic calculus removal
  • aesthetic splinting of mobile teeth
  • treatment of aggressive and chronic periodontal disease
  • periodontal tissues regeneration using biomaterials
  • surgical coverage of exposed teeth roots.
Treatment of chronic and agressive periodontitis
Periodontal bone defects regeneration with biomaterials
Treatment of gum recessions

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