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If you are struggling with missing teeth that adversely affect both the aesthetics of the smile and the function of chewing – a prosthodontist is a dentist who can solve your problems. Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry, which using modern treatment methods and materials, can restore your beautiful smile and improve the comfort of everyday functioning.

During the prosthodontic treatment carried out in our clinic, we restore the missing or damaged teeth with crowns and bridges on teeth or implants, or by using removable dentures. The method of restoration is closely adjusted to the needs of the patient. Therefore, prosthetic treatment begins with consulting a specialist and establishing an appropriate treatment plan.

The use of state of the art dental ceramic materials enables us to achieve very natural and aesthetic appearance of our prosthetic restorations. Treatment usually involves covering the damaged teeth with porcelain crowns or veneers. They are matched in shape and color to the natural teeth in dental arch, so they are barely distinguishable from the natural dentition. Missing teeth can be restored with ceramic crowns on implants or fixed ceramic bridges supported with neighboring teeth.
For patients who cannot have fixed restorations we offer a wide range of removable solutions.

The full range of prosthetic treatment carried out in our dental offices includes:

• porcelain bridges and crowns,
• porcelain veneers,
• skeletal dentures,
• skeletal dentures with precision attachments,
• flexible dentures,
• immediate dentures,
• occlusal TMJ splints,
• prosthetic restorations on implants,
• comfortable denture.

We invite you to our dental clinic, where under the guidance of a specialist in prosthodontics we will help you regain esthetic smile and comfortable chewing.

Restoring proper chewing function
Restoring esthetic smile
Treatment plan adjusted individually

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